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Step into the world of Bradley Barefoot, where stage magic meets Appalachian folklore firsthand. Experience captivating stories and mind-bending illusions that bring the enchantment of the mountains to life.

Experience the magic with my services: enchanting storytelling, mind-bending magic shows, and expert coaching to unlock your potential. Book now!

Crafting tales of Appalachian resilience from Western PA’s coal country—echoing rugged hills, ghostly mines, and community triumphs.

Step into Bradley Barefoot’s Appalachian magic show: where mountain lore meets enchantment, weaving tales of resilience and wonder with every trick.

Bradley’s diverse career path enriches his magic and consulting. With varied experiences, he empowers others to achieve their goals effectively.

About Me

Step into the enchanted world of Bradley Barefoot, where the mist-clad Appalachian Mountains of Western Pennsylvania whisper ancient secrets and where every rustling leaf hints at lingering spirits. Raised among a lineage of folk magicians—from PowWow healers to intuitive palm readers—Bradley’s childhood was a tapestry of wonder and mystery. 

His journey into magic began with a humble set of tricks, sparking a lifelong passion for theatrical enchantment. Now, as an adult far from his Appalachian home, Bradley mourns the fading recognition of his region’s mystical heritage. In response, he has woven together Appalachian Folk Magic—a mesmerizing blend of storytelling and theatrical wizardry. 

Through his performances, Bradley not only shares the treasured tales of his upbringing but also resurrects the essence of Appalachia’s magical soul. Join him as he transports audiences into a realm where every illusion carries a whisper of the mountains’ enduring enchantment.

Upcoming Public Shows

  • New Dates Added!

    New Dates Added!

    Bradley Barefoot will be performing his Appalachian Folk Magic show on July 19th and August 2nd at Poe’s Magic Theatre in their After Hours show! Check it out and get more information at www.poesmagic.com!

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